Teaching Dungeons & Dragons


I’ve been teaching for almost three years. It’s something I love doing, and has a lot of similarities with running a game of D&D. In teaching you manage a large group of students of differing abilities and level of knowledge for a set amount of time, and hope that at the end of it they have gained something and had fun along the way.

Planning a lesson is also very much like planning a D&D session, and planning a syllabus is similar to a campaign. The teacher sets out activities and targets for the students, and most of the time it doesn’t go as you had planned. Which pretty much also describes any D&D session!

A local gaming cafe has started a monthly session to help people who want to play D&D come along and have a go. I thought it was a great opportunity to use my teaching skills to introduce more people to the game.

My first aim was to standardise a lesson plan for showing someone how to create a character, taking them through the process as well as some explanation off the mechanics of the game. The plan below has notes on each section and how to teach it, as well as reminders to engage with shy or nervous players. The session starts with a quick game to help get people talking around the table, and to also collaboratively create a group of adventurers.



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