5,604 Miles and a New Campaign

I’ve recently moved continents, for a multitude of reasons, which I wont get in to here. The most important point is that before I moved, I checked that there was a gaming community in my new city. Lucky for me, there wasnt just a little community, but a booming group of like-minded nerds, and a selection of gaming cafe and hobby shops to get stuck in to!

As is common in most places there is an abundance of players, and only a small selection of DMs. Although I hoped I would have the chance to play in a game of D&D, I am more than happy to don the paper crown of Dungeon Master and invite people in to the dark recesses of my imagination. I’ll likely be running a few different games while I’m here, but I will mostly be writing about one main game.

We have so far had a session 0.5, and session 1 proper, with five and six players attending. I like to run an enclosed and linear adventure when starting a new campaign, especially with a new group, so that options are limited, and everyone can get used to each other, my style of DMing, and test out their characters.

I stumbled across an adventure called The Mad Manor of Astabar, by David Dudka, which served this need quite well. I have since played through it several times with different groups, and each time I have moulded it and changed it to enrich the story and make it more of a horror theme. It is a fairly typical haunted house setup, and the original can be found here.

I’m not going to refer to the original when describing the adventure and what the players get up to, but I still want to give credit to David for his wonderful work.

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